AI Cocktails 🍹🍸

The Creative AI toolkit that’s revolutionising food and drink brands.

"Commencing with cupcakes and cocktails, a small team in Bristol are at the epicentre of a movement that could revolutionise the global food and drink industry."

Martin Booth, Bristol24/7, Jan 21, 2019

AI Cocktails

Need some inspiration to help expand your product range?

Want to create a headline-hitting limited-edition collection?

Fancy taking your customers on mind-bending taste adventures?

Then our neural networks will sort you out.

Following on from the success of our AI-created cupcakes, which included Poached Pear and Coriander, and Vanilla, Guiness and Marmalade, Tiny Giant and Sharpshooter have developed a new creative AI toolbox for pioneering food and drink brands.

And what better way to test it out than on cocktails?

In January 2019, we teamed up with The Square Club in Bristol to create a collection of cocktails like no other.

Instead of conventional Mojitos and Manhattans, our AI-human collaboration shook-up the menu with offerings like the Succulent Sea Bala - a courgette, sour cherry and Champagne cocktail.

AI Cocktails

So how does it work?

To start the process, we create a Recurrent Neural Network - a type of machine-learning algorithm. We then train this model on recipes, products or flavours. In this case, it was hundreds of traditional cocktail recipes.

Over time, the neural network learns from the input and is able to generate exciting new outputs of its own. Many of which push boundaries and help you think about your products in a completely new way.

AI Cocktails

Adding human experience to the mix

On this occasion, we created fifty AI-generated cocktail recipes and selected five of the best. We then worked with the Square Bar’s mixologist to make them a reality.

Succulent Sea Bala was certainly a big hit, but gin-based Apple Jack, plus Baklavery Birty Sea with its combination of ingredients including rum, vanilla ice cream and fortified wine, also went down a treat.

AI Cocktails

Why the Creative AI toolbox works

As a team of creatives and developers, we’re fascinated with the idea of using AI as a creative jump-off point.

As neural networks learn from recipes and flavours, rather than human experience, they are able to produce combinations that we may never have considered before.

When you take those generated suggestions and add a human mixologist, taster, chef or baker to the mix, the results are hugely surprising, colourful - and delicious.

This video and a write up in Bristol 24/7 will show you exactly what we mean.

Creating cocktails with the help of Artificial Intelligence

Sounds great. How can I use this for my brand?

If you’re an innovative food and drink brand that would like to shake up your traditional offering, we can help.

We can work collaboratively with you and your team to create a new collection, or a one-off limited edition product. We can even help you market it too.

Alternatively, you may be interested in our one-day, interactive TasteLab workshop. Here, we train a neural network and help your team generate a range of recipes, products or flavours live on the day.

To find out more, please visit, email, or call 07968 823425.